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There exists a mineral that can channel various amounts of energy. With it, weapons can be powered up, machines can be charged, and if done right, it can grant people super powers. This mineral is only known by one name; Orb. Throughout history, great warriors have been infused with this power.

When young fencing student Cejuan (say-WHAN) Pacer manages to tap into this energy source, he is chosen by fate to wield the Master Orb Blade. Now, teaming up with other young warriors with orb weaponry like his own, he vows to pursue those who want to use this powerful mineral for evil. And so the adventure begins.

Join the adventure as Cejuan, Shannon, Ring, and all their friends span the globe to be the first to claim this prize to decide the fate of the earth.


This is the main series. Chapters are uploaded in it’s entirety.

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